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Goodbye, 2016

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Happy New Years! Can you believe it? 2016 has ended…wow, I felt like I blinked and the year passed by. It was an incredible year, although there were bumps in the road. We all should look past the negative and see the positive memories 2016 has brought us. Surely, it hasn’t been all bad…

As I was looking through the pictures on my camera roll, I realized how many fun memories were made: everything from building the perfect snowman to tackling a silly fear. To reflect on 2016, I have selected one picture from each month that describes a fun and exciting memory for me. Here’s to 2016… Continue reading

12 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Wait, February is already here?!? January went by so fast…and I haven’t worked on my resolutions that much (oops). Thus today, I have decided to go through my ‘2016 Resolutions‘ and come up with simple and easy ways to keep my new year’s resolutions strong all year. I have a variety of resolutions, so I hope my tips will help you keep your resolutions to 2017! ❤

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2016 Resolutions

*updated 2/25

*updated 5/9

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending. -Carl Bard

I love New Years. In fact, I love all things new. They make me feel like I have a fresh slate to redo what I wish I could’ve done before–to me, new is almost like a reset button.

2016 is no difference. It is a new year for me to “reset” and do what I couldn’t do in 2015. It is a chance for me to reinvent and improve myself.

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November 13, 2015

I was going to post my ‘GRWM: Fall Ball’ blog post today, however this Friday I came home to the tragic news of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France. Later on that night, I also learn about equally tragic events that happened around the world. I am deeply saddened by the news. I reflected on everything that happened November 13, 2015 and would like to share it you.


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HS Senior Bucket List

I like lists. All types of lists–do-to list (I have 4 different lists saved on my phone), shopping lists, blog post inspiration lists, and my all-time favorite bucket lists! I decided to make a senior bucket list for the most “perfect” senior year and post it on here. I think I will try to do them if everyone knows about this list and bugs me about it regularly. I know it’s a little bit late to be creating a bucket list for a school year that has already started, but you know, better late than never. 

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