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10 Prom Dresses Under $100 (+1 a little over)

When is prom season? Is it over? Am I too late? I don’t really know…I do know the season has started for a while now because I went to my friend’s prom last night (and I am wearing last year’s dress btw). My high school always has really late dances (because we are new, I think :p ). Last year, when they announced the date, they were no dresses left…no dresses original price or on sale, only some ugly ones and some huge and tiny ones. 😦 I ended up wearing one of my mom’s wedding dress haha. However, this year the date is already announced. My prom date is May 28 and our theme is 007 (aka James Bond). Anyways, I want to buy a new dress for this last year’s prom. So, I have complied 10 dresses for under $100 and one that is a little over but is too gorgeous to not add into this post. 😉 *All the links for the dress is hyperlinked in the picture

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HS Senior Bucket List

I like lists. All types of lists–do-to list (I have 4 different lists saved on my phone), shopping lists, blog post inspiration lists, and my all-time favorite bucket lists! I decided to make a senior bucket list for the most “perfect” senior year and post it on here. I think I will try to do them if everyone knows about this list and bugs me about it regularly. I know it’s a little bit late to be creating a bucket list for a school year that has already started, but you know, better late than never. 

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