Winter Haul 2017

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I really do love clothes and fashion. Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to go shopping in a while and I was in desperate need of some winter essentials. This haul is a combination of different trips in December and January. I feel like I spent a lot more than I would like because I got a lot of stuff I do not need, but they were so cute I couldn’t resist. 🙂

Flannel Shirts


I really do believe flannels are a must-have in everyone’s closets. There are just so many ways to style them and they are perfect for the colder months! I got these two flannels at Old Navy. I was just going to buy one because I really didn’t need two exactly same flannels…however, I couldn’t decide. I really like the dark green one and my boyfriend just thought the blue one looked great on me. So I bought both! I don’t have a lot of flannels…

flannel-3 *ignore the price tag I forgot to take off* 

Striped Tee


So I really like striped shirts…soon you will see I have a real problem with them. When I see one, I kind of have to buy it. I bought this the same time as the flannel shirts from Old Navy. It is made of a thin material and is made to fit a bit large on the body. But I really do like it. It is perfect for layering in this cold weather.



This year has been especially cold in the PNW. It has already snowed twice and it was 12°F the other day! It was so cold and it didn’t even snow that day. I have really put this jacket to the test in the cold weather I’ve been getting. It really does keep me warm. I love how long it is (it goes down to almost my knees) and the outer edge and hat are layered with a soft faux fur. I definitely made a good choice buying it. I got this at Costco. I usually never buy clothes at Costco but when I saw it I fell in love. I have been searching for a jacket like this for so long!



I forgot to take pictures of the jeans I got but they were from Target by the brand Mossimo. I really needed some more jeans and I had a gift card for Target. They were a dark wash, skinny, and have a short cut. Pretty normal jeans.


I had some gift cards for Nordstrom. So I decided to visit Nordstrom Rack first, their clothes are always cheaper there. As I was going through the racks, I found this awesome sweater by the brand, Willow and Clay. It is a bit larger than I would have wanted but I kind of like the way it looks, especially the collar. It is very thick, rough, and scratchy. I always liked different feeling shirts so I bought it. Surprisingly, it isn’t itchy at all. I absolutely adore this sweater. I can see myself wearing it a lot this winter.




See? I have a striped shirt problem. I was really close to buying this shirt at Old Navy. Somehow I didn’t and found this shirt at Nordstrom. I have bought from the brand Halogen and their quality is always amazing. It is very soft and not too thin. I love the turtleneck and think it is perfect for layering or wearing under the parka jacket.

Ruffled top

I didn’t plan on buying anything when I went into Old Navy the other day but then I found some really good deals in the Clearance section! I got this shirt for $5!!! Amazing and it doesn’t look too bad. It is just a simple blue shirt with a slight ruffle at the bottom. I really didn’t need another tee but this was too good to pass up.


Pink top


I have never been a fan of off-the-shoulder tops on me. I don’t know why but I just don’t really like them on me. But then I found this top in the clearance section in Old Navy…I thought it looked so cute! I am still not too sure about it on me but it was too cheap to pass up ($8). This is definitely not winter apparel but it is perfect for the spring and summer.


So that was a lot! But I have been telling myself it’s my birthday and Christmas present to myself…does that make it ok? And I did use a lot of gift cards…Anyways thank you so much for reading! I think my favorites have to be the parka jacket and the off-the-shoulder top. Which ones did you like? What did you get for Christmas (it feels so long ago!)? What are some of your winter essentials?


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