…Hello 2017 (+2016 Resolutions Recap)


Woo! 2016 is over! What a year! It has been a roller coaster, but definitely a year for the books for me 🙂 (last week I reflected on 2016 using 12 pictures…)

In January 2016, I did a post on my 2016 Resolution. Since 2016 is over, I figure I should update you on if I achieved those resolutions. I will also tell you my hopes I have for 2017…

2016 Resolutions

1 Graduate.


  • So I graduated! 🙂 Yay! I graduated from both high school and my local community college last June. Now, I am currently attending Washington State University studying environmental science.

2. Get a job.

  • I got a job!!! I remember last year I was crossing my fingers, praying, and trying so hard to find a job. My friends had jobs and they were constantly finding new better ones. All I wanted was one job! But everything worked itself out perfectly…I couldn’t ask for a better time to get hired. Right after I finished my job training, I got my driver’s license and could drive myself to work. God works in mysterious ways!

3. Post on ‘fromgirlC’ more often.

  • Well, I tried. I did plan on posting on a regular schedule, like once or twice a week. However, life got in the way. Blogging is something I enjoy and would love to be able to do it on a regular basis. This resolution was a fail!

4. Exercise more often.

  • I did exercise more often than I have done in past years. I’ve really discovered my love for running and yoga. However, I still didn’t do exercise on a regular schedule, but I have hopes for next year.

5. Go on more bike rides.

  • I didn’t go on any bike rides at all except for the one to my elementary school and that wasn’t very far…so one bike ride in 2016. FAIL! haha :p

6. Say ‘yes’ more/be more spontaneous


  • My goal was to do 6 spontaneous things and I did it! I helped plan a surprise party, learned how to make Metal Arts, attended a Bernie Sanders campaign, attended an informational meeting about studying abroad, took a trip to the beach, and signed up to volunteer at a local elementary school.

7.  Be in better control of my moods

  • This goal was a bit of a struggle for me. It was hard to control my mood swings, but I think my hormones have died down and I am in better control.

8. Open myself up to more friends


  • Since I have done so many more things in 2016 than ever before, I have had the chance to make so many more friends. I am ever so grateful to be able to open myself to people more

9. Read 12 books

  • I would love to get back into the habit of reading more…I still haven’t read that much this year (not even 6 books) 😦

10. Take more pictures of 2016

  • This year was a huge changer for me…I have broken so many boundaries. I’ve changed and wanted to capture many moment and experiences I make. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a picture on Snapchat every day and play it on New Year’s Eve but I have a solution for that problem in 2017 😉 I have also created a love for photography this year–I am hoping to be able to buy a DSLR camera next year.

11. Drink more water

  • I am still drinking 1 liter of plain water a day and I would still love to be able to bump that number up! To have a healthy body, I need to at least drink 1.7 liters.

12. Apply to scholarships


  • I was very stressed out at the beginning of the year about not being able to financially go to school. However, things (once again) worked itself out. About the time, I confirmed my attendance to WSU, I got a scholarship! It was a pretty big one too…God really does know what is best for us. Everything does work itself out!

2017 Resolutions

  1. Attend every class lecture
    • I understand the importance of attendance. It is very hard to succeed without showing up to class. Ever since I started university where attendance isn’t required, I sometimes skip class and that is not a good habit to get into…
  2. Post on ‘fromgirlC’ at least once a week
    • This was one of my resolutions last year. It is something I would love to try and achieve. I plan to post every Sunday and every other Wednesday…
  3. Find a job related to environmental science
    • I do have a job right now, however, I think it would be great to have a job related to my field of study. It would be my dream to work or intern in the science labs and help with research or work in a national park.
  4. Use the app ‘1 Second Everyday’ record 2017
    • Zoella talked about this app several times in 2016 and I knew I would love to use it to capture my memories for 2016. Using this app, I can take a picture or record a one-second video of my day. By the end of the year, I will have a 365-second video of 2017.
  5. Volunteer to at least one event every month
    • I really enjoy volunteering. I think it is possible to give a couple of hours every month to give back to my community.
  6. Have honest relationships
    • I have a hard time telling the truth, especially when it is painful. It is my resolution this year to be completely honest.
  7. Be vegetarian
    • I tried being vegetarian last year. I understand the benefits of it, so this year I am giving it another try. I will start off easy…like one day a week not having meat and slowly increasing it.

2017 Travel Bucket

Traveling is always on my resolutions. My traveling bucket list is always giant! I tried to narrow it to just the places I want to visit in 2017…

  • Cancún, Mexico
  • Disneyland, California
  • Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
  • Mount Hood, Oregon
  • The Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
  • Painted Hills, Oregon
  • Olympic National Park, Washington
  • Mount Rainer National Park, Washington
  • North Cascades National Park, Washington
  • Traveling Internship? *fingers crossed*

I know! I got a lot of big dreams for 2017! But I believe I can do it! How did your 2016 resolutions go? What are your plans for 2017? sign


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