Goodbye, 2016

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Happy New Years! Can you believe it? 2016 has ended…wow, I felt like I blinked and the year passed by. It was an incredible year, although there were bumps in the road. We all should look past the negative and see the positive memories 2016 has brought us. Surely, it hasn’t been all bad…

As I was looking through the pictures on my camera roll, I realized how many fun memories were made: everything from building the perfect snowman to tackling a silly fear. To reflect on 2016, I have selected one picture from each month that describes a fun and exciting memory for me. Here’s to 2016…



Do you want to build a snowman? Well, no one did when it snowed in early  January :p It was a miracle when nice, perfect, and packable snow hit the ground. I can’t even remember the last time we had the perfect snow to build a snowman with. I was an exciting day. I played in the snow, did a little snow day photo shoot of my backyard, and built a perfect snowman. It was definitely a day for the books, even though I hung out by myself.

February 2016


The most memorable moments of February was my friend’s surprise birthday party. I have never thrown anyone a surprise party before. It was a great night filled with decorations, adventures, pizza, cake, movies, a sleepover, and laughs. I met so many new friends that night. It was loads of fun 🙂

March 2016


Since sophomore year, I have participated in a club called HOSA, Health Occupation Students of America. In March, we traveled to the State Conference. It was such a fun weekend…it was also a bit sad knowing that it was our last time going on the trip. My team didn’t win a place in Nationals but we did win a fun trip together.

April 2016


I began becoming serious about attending university in April…I visited some university previews. This picture was at the first university I visited, University of Portland. I didn’t know that parents came to previews, so I went by myself and was really lonely the whole day. However, I learned a lot from what university is going to be like. I visited some dorms, met some teachers, and learned about the programs offered at the school.

May 2016


May was prom month! It was an exciting time. I went dress shopping with some of my friends but ended up taking a risk and buying my dress online (I looked through websites and pulled together a post about dresses under $1oo). My dress fitted me perfectly. I loved everything about it. Prom night was fun. We met up at my friend’s house and “ubered” (for the first time!) downtown to get dinner. The original restaurant was packed so we walked across the street to a casual pizza place. After eating, we took pictures and hung out downtown until our boat came and took us away. My prom was on a boat on the local river. It sounded like a great idea in the beginning but as time went on, I felt more and more trapped (and hungry). I like being able to leave an hour early to grab another dinner. We couldn’t do that and there was no good food on the boat… 😦 However that did not make the night any less fun, we danced the night away and had so many laughs.

June 2016


Graduation! Graduation! Nothing explains June better than graduation! It is the result of 13 years in school 😀 I had two graduations: high school and the local community college. High school graduation was an exciting day. It was great to able to celebrate with my friends. Afterward, there was a graduation party set up by the parents. That was great! We went to a cabin where there were so many activities to do (and so much coffee!). About a week later, I went to my college graduation (more info on why I had two graduations). That was a bit more stressful. There was a lot of people and a lot of waiting…it went on for 2 hours! Nevertheless, I am glad to be able to celebrate with my best friend…

July 2016


My family’s annual vacation this year was to the San Juan islands in Washington State. There were bumps in the road but it was such a fun trip. I am glad we went somewhere close this year. It was great being able to explore our backyard. Living in the PNW sometimes makes me numb to the beauty it offers. I just get so used to it! However, this trip made me see what I have been missing. After the trip, I saw my town with a whole new perspective.

August 2016


At the end of August, I started at Washington State University. It was a weird feeling. I was excited about being able to learn about things I loved and being able to pursue my dreams but I was also nervous. I was starting somewhere completely new and that always makes me very anxious. However, everything worked itself out and I had a blast at school 🙂 I also got an on-campus job in the computer lab. It was hard balancing school, work, and me, but I think I somewhat have a system :p

September 2016


On Labor Day, my boyfriend and I finally made a trip to the zoo. We had been planning to go since we first started dating 4 months ago. I am glad we finally made it to the zoo! He was so excited…it was adorable. And he was the sweetest boyfriend possible for buying me cotton candy and helping me take pictures for a class project. I had such a terrific day (because we skipped the smelly penguins)! 😉

October 2016


My university was selling tickets when Disney on Ice visited my town. Of course, I bought some. I was going to surprise my boyfriend but I wasn’t sure how he felt about watching people skate around. It turns out he loved the show. The team did a segment on Toy Story 3, The Little Mermaid, Cars, and Frozen. It was so much fun! And of course, we (mostly me though) sang along! It was also the start to my boyfriend’s birthday week and I wouldn’t have wanted it to start another way!

November 2016


During Thanksgiving Break, I visited the Oregon Coast with my boyfriend. He loves the aquarium and I was so glad to take him to it. I can’t believe he had never been to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. They had jellyfish, an octopus, some sea lions, sharks, and so much more. There was also a touch pool but after watching Finding Dory I couldn’t have the same experience as before! Afterward, we went to Ripley’s and it was a scary place! We also went down to the port and saw some incredibly gassy, loud, and silly sea lions.

December 2016


December was an exciting month! It was my birthday month! 😀 My best friend also came back from university. After my last final, we went to Downtown Portland. It was great being able to celebrate a successful semester with her. It had snowed several days before that so it was a bit of a scary drive. However, we still made it to the Pittock Mansion, which had been on my to-go-to list for a while, but of course, it was closed. So we dropped by the Japanese Garden to take some snow pictures and it too was closed due to the weather. Nearby, the Rose Garden was open (and free) but all the flowers were dead. I didn’t get many good pictures…What made the trip more memorable than my birthday was that I got over my fear of driving downtown! I have always been anxious about driving downtown with a lot of people and parallel parking. However, I did it! I didn’t parallel park but still I did it! We celebrated with a trip to Powell’s Bookstore, one of my favorite places of all times 🙂

2016 has been such a great year! There are many little moments in the year that didn’t make it in the pictures like me getting my license, getting my first job, and completing my first semester of college. However, I am very excited for what 2017 has to offer! I have many goals I want to reach, things I want to do, places I want to go, and ways for me to grow. How was your year? What goals do you have for 2017? I wish you a great year and all the happiness, confidence, and determination in the world for all your dreams to come true!


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      The snowman is so perfect! I am very proud of myself 😉 I can’t wait for it to snow again…I hope you are having a great 2017!

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