Happy almost election day! This is the first year I can vote! Yay! I am extremely excited to use my voice and make a difference. Today, I am writing about voting, its importance, and how you can get educated on the issues that matter to you.

It is incredibly important to vote. Your vote can really make a difference, especially with this year’s presidential election. I feel like it will be a close election, with two extreme candidates and many third party candidates. Any vote will make a difference, even one for the third parties. An example of this in history is the 2000 presidential election. That year many voted for Ralph Nader, a third party candidate. Many argue that cost Democratic nominee Al Gore a win in Florida that could lead to his presidency instead of President George W. Bush.

I am sure all of us have opinions. Some have stronger opinions than others. If you have opinions and want to make a difference, the only way to do it is to vote. Don’t be a hypocrite. The fate of America is in your hands–take advantage of what this country can offer you. As generic as this sounds, it really puts it all into perspective: many have to fight to be able to vote or spend hours and hours in line to have a voice.

I am a college student and many tell me that I don’t know what I am talking about and I don’t need to vote now because my life won’t be affected by the outcome. But the truth is that no one will vote with me in their mind. No one will care about issues like student loan rates, educational standards, and admission policies, like a college student. No one is better qualified to vote on these issues because no one had the experience as the student today. The millennial voters are a large proportion of the population—44 million voters are eligible. If all of the eligible voters vote, imagine the changes America could have and how it can make lives better for the larger majority of the population.


Many you don’t vote because who the next president is won’t affect your local community. That could be true but it should not be the reason you don’t vote. On tomorrow’s ballot, there is more than the president. There are issues that affect your state senates and representatives and local laws.

To learn more about your ballot, use google and search for your local ballot. Google is a good starting point to learn your local candidates, issues, proposed laws, and presidential candidates. To learn more about the United States election process from a non-biased perspective, visit WeTheVoters. It is rare to find a website where you can just learn the process without being pushed towards one candidate.

If you aren’t registered to vote, now would be a great time. I am not sure about other states, but in Washington State it is possible to register online. If you just registered, you will not be able to cast your vote in tomorrow’s election but you will in future ones. As important as it is to register, nothing happens until you show up and cast your ballot. Remember tomorrow is election day…be sure to take some time out of your busy day to vote and help decide America’s future.


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