My Shoe Collection


One of my favorite YouTubers, Ingrid Nilsen, recently posted a video of her shoe collection. I really enjoyed it and decided to make a post on some of my favorite shoes. I have selected a few favorites to share with you today 🙂

  • Pink Converse

My Shoe Collection 2.jpg

These might be my favorite pair of shoes. I remember getting these my freshman year of high school and was ever so excited to wear them that school year. Who knew these shoes would make it 4 years? They are a bit worn out…with holes at the bottom (preventing me from wearing them in the rain). They are also a bit dirty but filled with many memories of high school for me. They have been through the worst and the best with me and are always the spotlight stealer of my outfits.

  • Sketchers sneakers


Work…that’s the whole reason why I got these sneakers in the first place. Work was a lot of standing for me, so I wanted a sneaker that would make my feet hurt less. These guys did just that. They have a nice memory foam at the bottom and are pretty looking too. Now that I don’t have a job where I am standing all day, I use them occasionally for long school days that involve a lot of walking across of campus.

  • Moccasins

My Shoe Collection 4.jpg

When I got these, I remember my brother telling me they were too small for me and that they would be uncomfortable. Well, look at them now 2 years later , I am still wearing them (HA!). One of my favorite memories with these moccasins is the time I wore them to work and one of my favorite coworkers was wearing his moccasins too. It was such a funny coincidence. (My feet hurt so bad during that shift…don’t wear these to work!) Another great memory with these guys was on one of my first dates with my boyfriend. We went to the theater. After the movie, we decided to go on a hike and it was so much fun! I learned so much about him that day.

  • Silver ballet flats


I wore these to my first dance. I went to my sophomore homecoming with one of my best friends . I had such a blast. It was such a great night, filled with dancing and delicious food. I had recently switched schools a couple of months before and homecoming was the first time I didn’t feel like an outsider with no friends.

  • Fila sneakers

My Shoe Collection 6.jpg

These are the shoes I wear when I go running. These sneakers aren’t the special running shoes that make you run faster or longer. I just had them in my closet and I decided to use them for running. They aren’t terrible running shoes. I added these sneakers to the list because I enjoy running a lot and they are the symbol of running for me. I bought these shoes in the first place because I needed new tennis shoes for lacrosse a couple of years ago. I didn’t have much experience with running shoes at the time, so I just went to Costco and bought these guys. I wore these sneakers pretty often with my cleats to lacrosse practice and games. It was one of my favorite sports to play.

  • Sandals

My Shoe Collection 7.jpg

My sandals made it on the list because I am missing summer right now. It is a cold cloudy day right now and I am wishing it was warmer and brighter. I wore these sandals pretty much every day of summer. I brought them to the pool, vacation, and trips. So so many great memories of summer with these guys…

These are just a few of my favorite shoes. I wear all of them pretty often. If you want to see more shoes from my collection or enjoy this post and want me to do other similar ones, be sure to leave a comment below. What is your must-have pair of shoes? Are you more of a sneakers or heels girl?


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