2016 Resolutions

*updated 2/25

*updated 5/9

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending. -Carl Bard

I love New Years. In fact, I love all things new. They make me feel like I have a fresh slate to redo what I wish I could’ve done before–to me, new is almost like a reset button.

2016 is no difference. It is a new year for me to “reset” and do what I couldn’t do in 2015. It is a chance for me to reinvent and improve myself.

2016 Resolutions (square)

I can’t think of a better way to organize all the “resets” than through a list 😀 …here is the fromgirlC official 2016 bucket list

*This list has been written in the order the resolutions came into my head. It has not been reorganized to my priority or into categories. 

1 Graduate! 

  • This is important! In fact, it is on my HS Senior Bucket List too)
  • *I signed up for spring quarter classes this week…so far so good 🙂 I am on track to graduating. (2/25)
  • *I am over half way done with my last quarter. And I just recieve my HS cap and gown…graduation is so close… (5/9)

2. Get a job

  • I desperately need one!
  • My goal: apply for one job every week until job is found
  • *I GOT A JOB!!! After some time of pure determination, I was interviewed and got the job as a cashier. (Fun Fact: An old school friend’s mom interviewed me) (2/25)
  • *Haven’t gotten fired yet haha (5/9)

3. Post on ‘fromgirlC’ more often

  • I’m getting better with everything I have experienced in 2015…
  • My goal: one post a week
  • *Exciting stuff ahead. I just hope I am able to carry out my plans 😦 (2/25)
  • *Still finding the perfect balance :p (5/9)

4. Exercise more 

  • This has been on my list for 3 years straight…
  • Exercise and today…so far so good 🙂
  • *I have to admit I haven’t been exercising every single day, but most days. To learn about how I made this change, click here. (2/25)

5. Go on more bike rides

  • Will help me achieve #4 too 🙂
  • *Still haven’t gone on any bike rides since the last time I checked it (2/25)
  • *Went on a bike ride yesterday to my old elementary school…my butt and arms are so sore (5/9)

6. Say ‘yes’ more/be more spontaneous 

  • Do 6 spontaneous things

7.  Be in better control of my moods

  • Specifically my depression and mood swings

8. Open myself up to more friends

9. Read 12 books

  • Need to find a January book…off to a good start
  • Some exciting news will come tomorrow about this resolution 
  • *TECHNICAL DIFFICULITES: I have changed this resolution to 6 books in 2016. When I made this goal I didn’t realize how busy I was going to be my senior year of HS. (2/25)

10. Take more pictures of 2016

  • I hope to keep a Snapchat story of 2016 to replay on New Year’s Eve
  • *Sadly my hopes of keeping a 2016 Snapchat story didn’t work out (Snapchat deletes any unopen stories after 30 days), but I have been keeping and taking many pictures. (2/25)

11. Drink more water

  • I drink about a liter of water daily
  • I want to try to drink 1.5 liters and slowly increase
  • *To be honest, drinking 1.5 liters of water everyday is difficult for me. I hope to be able to increase my drink soon. (2/25)

12. Apply to scholarships

  • I was working on this New Year’s Eve 2015!
  • My goal: apply to one scholarship every week to every 2 weeks until college starts in August/September
  • *I am becoming so frustrated now! Still applying and haven’t received any private scholarship yet 😦 (5/9)

2016 Resolutions 2 (Square)

Some of my resolutions are more private than others, but I decided to post them all so I can easily see them all in one location. I will be updating this list with more resolutions or the ones I have done often, so be sure to check back to see my progress. I hope I gave you some ideas for your resolutions. Feel free to share your list in the comments below and tag me using #togirlc on my social medias so we can help each other make this the best year yet. I’ll see you tomorrow. ❤

girl C

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13 thoughts on “2016 Resolutions

  1. Aria

    These are great! I too, need to exercise more. As a suggestion for a January book, here are some classics I suggest: Little Women, Pollyanna, David Copperfield, Sherlock Holmes, Betsy-Tacy (the first in the series), and Black Beauty. Oh, and A Little Princess. And Heidi. Oh right, be sure to include Charlotte Bronte’s Shirley.


  2. bethanyaustin

    These are such great and positive resolutions. I love the idea of saying ‘yes’ more often, it sounds like 2016 is going to be a year of adventures!

    I’m trying to read more (which is crazy since I’m studying literature at uni). I want to read two non-school books a month. Hopefully… haha!

    Happy new year, lovely!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy


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  9. Lilly

    SÃ¥ flott Ã¥ fÃ¥ han hjem pÃ¥ perm – regner med at mor nÃ¥ stÃ¥r klar med litt hjemmelaget mat:-) Nydelig himmel vi har nÃ¥ for tiden – vi kan ikke klage pÃ¥ været i alle fall:-)Jeg sliter med migrene for tiden, og skulle helst ikke sittet med pc'en nÃ¥. Skal legge meg litt nedpÃ¥, og folnv¥pehtrigÃis er jeg litt bedre til nattevakten i natt…Ha en nydleig onsdag:-)



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